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program goals

Georgia Works! recently had the pleasure of hosting Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed

Pictured (left to right) Henry Grady, Katie Birth, Gary Jones, Bill McGahan, Mayor of Atlanta Kasim Reed, Phil Hunter, Chip Patterson and Jack Hardin


  • Remain Drug Free (continuous testing)
  • Work 30 to 35 hours per week
  • Get along and respect others
  • Agree to end Public Assistance (with the exception of Medicaid).
  • Sign documentation allowing staff to identify if they have current child support orders or arrearages.
  • Agree to save 20% of income. This "forced savings" will allow clients to have saved approximately $2,000 upon graduation from the program.
'What Georgia Works! is doing is truly remarkable.  Of all the agencies that we have observed that try to "solve the homeless problem," your approach is among the few that actually gets to the core of the reason why someone is homeless and then resolves those issues.  Our hiring of your program graduates not only solves a labor problem for us, but more importantly, it allows us to fulfill in a tangible way our civic duty to help those that are genuinely in need of a hand up to self-sufficiency.' 

Brent Sobol, Founder and Executive Director
Legacy Community Housing Corporation


​Upon graduation the goal is a permanent job and permanent housing for each man.  When men enter the program they are typically dependent on drugs and handouts. When they leave, the goal is to never be dependent again.

Georgia Works! ends homelessness, criminal recidivism and dependency through holistic programs aimed at personal development of good habits, work ethic and character. Our goal is self sufficiency. 

Our goal is to take chronically homeless men and help them become self sufficient, productive members of society. Our men typically are facing multiple challenges, including criminal records, past drug use, poor work history, dependency on handouts, bad habits, lack of formal education, past child support, outstanding fines, etc... WE END ALL OF THESE THINGS.  At Georgia Works, if a man is committed to being clean, to addressing the past, and to working, we will help him get a full time job, transportation and permanent housing within a year.  Our program is proven to be effective in helping chronically homeless men, proven to be cost effective, and proven to improve our community.


Georgia Works! serves those at the very bottom of the socio-economic ladder: primarily minority men, with long histories of homelessness, incarceration, substance abuse, and low educational achievement. Enrollment is voluntary and each participant agrees to the following:

The Georgia Works Program.



The Georgia Works! Program 


Each participant is expected to spend a year doing transitional work earning 7.40/hr for 30+ hrs a week while remaining drug/alcohol free. Case management, life skills and workforce training is provided throughout the twelve months.

Number of men graduated to self-sufficiency:  62