The Georgia Works! Program

Georgia Works! goal is to take chronically homeless men and help them overcome their barriers, change them as human beings, making them productive and self sufficient individuals.


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Each Georgia Works! participant is housed at our facility for up to a year while they participate in transitional work (earning $7.40/hr for 30+ hours per week). All participants renounce dependency and remain drug and alcohol free. Personal support, case management, and workforce training is offered throughout the program. We also provide AA/NA Classes, GED classes, support in obtaining a driver's licenses, help setting up a bank account, and life skill preparation courses.

if a man is committed to being clean, to addressing the past, and to working, we will help him get a full time job, transportation and permanent housing within a year.

Program Goals

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Upon graduation, the goal of the Georgia Works! program is a full-time job and permanent housing for each man. Men who enter the program they are typically dependent on drugs and handouts;  when they graduate, the goal is to never be dependent again.


  • 311 men have graduated from the Georgia Works! Program.
  • 70% of men that start Georgia Works! make it through the program to graduation.
  • 85% of graduates remain in their original jobs and apartments post-Georgia Works!
  • 90% of graduates are now in contact with their children and families.
  • $12.00 per hour is the average starting wage for a client upon being hired.